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CoolStuff Newsletter Article                                          Vol. 41, September 2009

Bad Movie Science: Stunt Car Exploration

Hollywood is famous for creating stunts that defy the laws of physics. One of the most talked about is the movie "Speed". Could a fully loaded bus traveling at 50 mph (or faster) actually jump a 50 foot gap in a highway overpass? In this issue of CoolStuff you get a great classroom discussion topic and a download for a student activity allowing students to explore this classic Hollywood stunt.

Here's the 1994 movie trailer...

Watch the discussion about the science...



The Stunt Car Lab

Student Tested: This is fun!

Taking everyday events in your student's lives and turning them into learning opportunities has always been a great way to get them moving down the path you choose as their teacher. Now you can take bad science from Hollywood and use it to make good scientists as your physics students test Hollywood suspense.

Download teacher's guide & worksheets.

Get details on the Stunt Car Lab

The Stunt Car Challenge was developed in collaboration with the CNS Institute for Physics Teachers (CIPT) at Cornell University.

Create an exciting indoor projectile investigation with this complete lab, inspired by the movie Speed. Calculate the busís landing spot, and then test it! Friction pull-car travels at the same top speed, trial after trial, and the ramp adjust to three angles (10, 20, and 30 degrees). Complete lessons, originally developed by teachers at Cornell University, are included. Suitable for high school or introductory college courses. Kit includes six-foot flexible track, adjustable ramp, and friction pull-car.

Engage, Explain, Explore, Expand and Evaluate...