Lab #22.5 Heat: Chapter 22 Canned Heat: Heating Up

Heat Transfer by Hewitt Drewit


In this experiment, you will compare the ability of different surfaces to absorb thermal radiation.


Does the color of a surface make a difference in how well it absorbs thermal radiation? If so, how? The answer to these questions could help you decide what to wear on a hot, sunny day and what color to paint your house if you live in a hot, sunny climate. In this experiment, we will compare the thermal absorption ability of three surfaces: silver, black, and white. We'll do this by filling cans with these surfaces with water, then exposing the cans to heat lamps. We'll measure the temperature of the water in each of the cans while they're being exposed to the heat and see if there's a difference in the rate at which the temperatures increase.

Required Equipment

Collin Wassilak

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