Lab #6.3b Mechanics: Chapter 6 the Weight

Newton's 2nd Law Mass & Weight by Hewitt Drewit


In this activity, you will investigate the relationship between weight and mass.


Mass and weight are different quantities. Mass is a measure of an object's inertia, the extent to which an object resists changes to its state of motion. Weight is a measure of the interaction between an object and the planet the object is nearest to. Usually that planet is the earth. The weight of an object is related to its mass. In this activity we will find out what that relationship is.

Required Equipment

1 Kg Spring Scale, Hooked Masses (1- 100g, 2- 200g, 1- 500g), Ring Stand and Base, S Clamp, Crossbar, Collar Hook, Graph Paper.

Required Equipment

Collin Wassilak

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