Electricity, Wavelength, and Energy

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Electricity, Wavelength, and Energy

Looking for a Hands-On Activity to Excite your Students about Learning Electricity?

In this issue of CoolStuff we have just the thing! A series of hands-on electricity activities that students can use to to explore key electricity concepts. No matter what level students you teach, elementary, middle school, or high school; we have something for everyone. Real life electricity investigations where your student's see, hear, and feel actual results in electronic configurations.

High School Level

The electromagnetic spectrum chart shows that the frequency of light increases as you travel up the chart from infrared light through the visible spectrum and beyond. We also know that it takes more energy to produce higher frequencies of light. Now you can demonstrate this relationship with the Genecon and a few inexpensive parts.

Elementary – Middle School Level

The production of electric current is a mystery to many students. The Genecon provides a hands-on solution to this problem. Students can feel the extra work it takes to light up bulbs and see that current flows in different directions as they charge a capacitor and watch it discharge.

Collin Wassilak

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