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Monthly Archives: January 2009

  • Motion on an Inclined Air Track

    Posted on January1,2009 by admin

    In this simple lab using an air track and two photogates, students will calculate the acceleration of a glider sliding on an incline, and calculate the force that caused the acceleration. Simple connected photogates are needed for this lab. They need to display the time they are blocked, and the time between. Note that “time between” is from the beginning of one gate to the beginning of the other.

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  • Elementary Gravity & Friction Fun!

    Posted on January1,2009 by Marcey Walsh

    When exploring a big picture concept like FRICTION, it helps to be able to demonstrate and compare different examples. When you can combine interaction with a big rocks! Leaving a lasting impression that is easy to reference in future lessons!

    This post was posted in CoolStuff Newsletters, Force & Motion and was tagged with friction, Elementary Gravity, hockey, air puck

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