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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • Energy is Energy is Energy...

    Posted on February22,2012 by Buzz Putnam

    Think back to when you were a little kid playing one of your most enjoyable family games on Saturday night. It involved rolling a die and moving around a game board, all while building a complex “mousetrap”, hoping that you wouldn’t get caught in its devious shenanigans or secretly wishing that its numerous “Energy Transfers” would fail to work!

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  • Momentum - Tailgated by a Dart

    Posted on February10,2012 by Arbor Scientific

    In this lab, students will learn to estimate the speed of an object by applying conservation of momentum to an inelastic collision. Energy is not lost its transferred from one object to another. Students will fire a dart into the back of the free rolling car and measure the distance of the car, calculate the speed of the dart and car, and measure the mass of the car and dart.

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  • Get Positive with your Charge!

    Posted on February1,2012 by Buzz Putnam

    I have found that over the years, creating a Positive charge in class using the conventional Glass rod/Silk combination just doesn't produce a great enough charge to be able to demonstrate Conduction or Induction on pith balls, electroscope and other objects. The BEST way to produce a Positive charge is using the "Fun Fly Stick [...]

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