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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • 60th Annual NSTA National Conference

    Posted on March21,2012 by Arbor Scientific

    We will be at NSTA 2012 in Indianapolis, IN March 29th - 31st. Stop by and see us at Booth # 1347 or see our Cool Tools at the following workshops by Buzz Putnam: Cool Tools for Light, Color, Sound and Waves and Cool Tools for Force and Motion.

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  • "It's Spring... Time for the "Spring Wave!"

    Posted on March18,2012 by Buzz Putnam

    A really great addition to the Standing Wave lab that I did with my students this year is using the new plastic "Spring Wave" along with the metal Helical "Snakee spring" that we all use for demonstrating a Standing Wave. I have added them as an unknown to the lab. The students will have to [...]

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  • Big Standing Wave - Small Effort!

    Posted on March15,2012 by Dr. Joel Bryan

    In the video clip, you see the Super Springy stretched out a distance of 24 feet. By adjusting the frequency of the waves, the wavelength may be manipulated so that different numbers of loops can be formed.  As with all standing waves, the length of one loop is one-half wavelength. You can find the wavelength (λ) of the standing wave by dividing its total length by the number of loops to get the length of one loop, and then doubling it.

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  • Go Nuts with Neodymium Magnets!

    Posted on March10,2012 by Buzz Putnam

    This week I began Magnetism in class and wanted to "wow" my students with Magnetism. Take a Neodymium magnet to show the concepts of Ferromagnetism and Diamagnetism. I used an American "crisp" $5 bill and taped a thread to it. Hanging it from a crossbar and using the Neodymium magnet, you can attract [...]

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