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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • The Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb Demo Will Light Up Minds

    Posted on April24,2012 by Buzz Putnam

    The link between electricity and magnetism finds its legendary roots back to Hans Christian Orsted when he supposedly found that electric current affected his compasses during a student lecture. That piece of scientific history may be one of exaggerated legend, but the marriage of electricity with magnetism has been widely known for over a century, later to be given a full mathematical explanation by Lord Kelvin and James Clerk Maxwell. The concept of electron movement causing the production of an ensuing magnetic field is a fundamental model used in describing electromagnets, generators, transformers and electric motors.

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  • Physicist uses Math to beat $400 ticket

    Posted on April17,2012 by Arbor Scientific

    Here is an article we thought was too good not to share. Mitir Krioukov, physicist based at the University of California San Diego, recently pleaded his way out of a fine for rolling through a stop sign by using the power of mathematics.
    Read the article on to see how he used physics to show the [...]

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