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Density Rods

Posted on January1,2011 by Arbor Scientific, authored by Arbor Scientific There have been 0 comments

The Density Rod Set consists of two rods. The aluminum rod sinks in warm water and floats in cool. This is because cool water is more dense than warm, and the aluminum rod is made to be between those two densities. The PVC rod does the reverse – floats in warm water and sinks in cool. This time, the rod changes more than the water, becoming more dense when it is cool.

Required Equipment
Balance, Film Canisters, Pennies, Tape

Download Teacher Notes and Student Worksheets

Density Rod Set

Density Rod Set

Product # P1-1020


100 ml Polypropylene Cylinder

100 ml Polypropylene Cylinder

Product # 06-3043


Student Thermometer

Student Thermometer

Product # 68-6202


The "food coloring and rubbing alcohol" required for this lab is readily available at grocery store. Each lab group would need one container of each.

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