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Happy 306th Birthday to Leonhard Euler

Posted on April15,2013 by Arbor Scientific, authored by Arbor Scientific There have been 1 comment(s)

Happy 306th Birthday to Leonhard Euler, Swiss Mathematician with two numbers named after him. Think our Euler’s Disk will spin 306 times? There’s only one way to find out!


Eulers Disk

Eulers Disk

Product # P2-9800


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1 Response to Happy 306th Birthday to Leonhard Euler

  • Euler is responsible for symbols we use for e, i, and pi . He wasn't the first person to use pi for 3.14, but he did bring it to prominence. I think you mean e and i. Its no coincidence they are alphabetical he meant to use the vowels in this way, as natural constants. A good book on these would be An Imaginary Tale by Nahin or e: The Story of a Number by Maor

    Posted on April24,2013 at 11:57pm