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Spark Timer Motion

Posted on May9,2006 by Arbor Scientific, authored by Arbor Scientific There have been 0 comments

Students will use a spark timer to record the motion of two toy cars. The spark timer produces a physical record of the motion by making a mark on tape at set intervals. Students measure the distance between the marks and graph the motion. For constant velocity motion, the marks on the tape will be evenly spaced. The position vs. time graph will be a straight line with positive slope. The velocity vs. time graph will be a horizontal line. The pull-back car will accelerate and then decelerate. The acceleration will appear on the position vs. time graph as a parabola, and on the velocity vs. time graph as a line with positive slope.

Required Equipment
Pull-Back Car, Spark Timer
Download Teacher Notes and Student Worksheets
Electronic Spark Timer

Electronic Spark Timer

Product # P1-8000


Acceleration Car

Acceleration Car

Product # P4-1980



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