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The Learning Cycle

Posted on March1,2008 by Arbor Scientific, authored by Chris Chiaverina There have been 1 comment(s)

Science Teaching Model - Video Tutorial for Teachers
Welcome back to the CoolStuff Newsletter and the Learning Cycle Interviews video.In this video series Chris Chiaverina discusses the details of the "Learning Cycle" phases of this teaching model. Watch as his guest teachers describe their experiences and methods.The Learning Cycle is an approach to science instruction first developed by Atkin and Karplus in 1962 while working on the SCIS (Science Curriculum Improvement Study) project.  This approach puts the phenomena first.  Names and numbers are brought into the picture only after students are allowed direct contact with the phenomena.Recently, at the 2008 AAPT Winter Meeting, CoolStuff News captured this informative interview that included comments from three AAPT Presidents and award-winning teachers who share their first hand experience in the classroom.Discover the secrets of this fascinating process for yourself and learn how to dramatically change the learning experience in your classroom.
The Learning Cycle Interviews
Part Three, the Final Episodes
The Learning Cycle Interviews
Part Two of a Three part Series
The Learning Cycle Interviews
Part One of a Three part Series


About the Video Cast of Teachers:

Lila Adair ~ 2008 President of the American Association of Physics Teachers, GA.

Jim Nelson ~ 2005 President of the American Association of Physics Teachers, FL.

Diane Riendeau ~ Science Department at Deerfield High School Physics, IL.

Shannon Mandel ~ Science Department at Barrington High School, IL

George Amman ~ Retired Physics Teacher from Hyde Park, NY.

Jamie Stasiorowski ~ First year physics teacher at Deerfield High School, IL.

For more information and complete "Learning Cycle" explorations you can use in your classroom, click on the links below for outlines on specific topics. Includes in depth explanation of the learning cycle process, exploration station Teacher notes and Student station questions.

Watch for the next episode of the Learning Cycle Interviews coming soon directly to your email inbox!

About the Author
Chris ChiaverinaCoolStuff is written by Chris Chiaverina, past president of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) , award winning science teacher and author. Chris' passion and creativity in science education has made him one of the leading authorities in the United States on how to engage our students and inspire the same passion in them. Retired from New Trier High School's physics department, Chris is still active educating tomorrow's science teachers around the country, writing for the AAPT publication "The Physics Teacher", and has been keynote speaker for noted science organizations around the world.

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