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Gas Laws and Pressure Discovery Pack

Product # P1-2070

  • Buy 20 for $89.00 each
Reflection and Refraction Discovery Pack

Product # P2-1235

  • Buy 20 for $116.00 each
Color and Spectrum Discovery Pack

Product # P2-9575

  • Buy 20 for $89.00 each
Electricity and Magnetism Discovery Pack

Product # P6-2500

  • Buy 20 for $89.00 each
Energy Discovery Pack

Product # P6-6060

  • Buy 20 for $107.00 each
Sound and Wave Discovery Pack

Product # P7-2030

  • Buy 20 for $98.10 each
Science Toys Discovery Pack

Product # P8-9015

  • Buy 20 for $89.00 each
Magnetism Discovery Pack

Product # P8-9025



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  • Gas Laws and Pressure
  • Reflection and Refraction
  • Color and Spectrum
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Energy
  • Sound and Wave
  • Science Toys
  • Magnetism

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Gas Laws and Pressure Discovery Pack

Don't just teach the gas laws! Let students deduce them with these great exploratory activities.

  • Vortex Tube
  • Bernoulli Bags
  • Pascal's Demo
  • Pressure Pumper
  • Vacuum Pumper
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • 2 Temperature Strips
  • Hand Boiler
  • Cartesian Diver
  • Drinking Bird
  • Elasticity of Gases Apparatus
  • Atmospheric Pressure Cups
  • Instructions and Lesson Ideas

Reflection and Refraction Discovery Pack

Investigate how light bounces and bends with different activities.

  • 3 Kaleidoscope Mirrors
  • Phantom Crystals
  • Mirage
  • Reflect View
  • Refraction Cup
  • Lens Set
  • Periscope
  • Instructions and Lesson Ideas

Color and Spectrum Discovery Pack

Put the primary colors together and then take them apart with this cool collection of demos! Instructions and lesson ideas included.

  • Primary & Secondary Color Sheets
  • Color Filter Swatch Book
  • Color Filters Kit
  • Spectrum Demo Kit
  • Rainbow Glasses (20)
  • String of Lights
  • Night Spectra Quest
  • Spectroscope
  • RGB Snap Lights and Spinner
  • Instructions and Lesson Ideas

Electricity and Magnetism Discovery Pack

Understand the important relationship between electricity and magnetism and how one can produce the other with this collection of equipment and activities.

  • Lenz's Law Apparatus
  • Electromagnetic Flashlight
  • World's Simplest Motor
  • Magnet Wire
  • Clear Compasses 20 Pkg
  • Giant Neodymium Magnet
  • 3 Japanese Yen Coins
  • Galvanometer
  • Cermaic Ring Magnet
  • Instructions and Lesson Ideas

Energy Discovery Pack

Understanding types of energy and energy transformation is crucial to meeting teaching standards. This pack includes twelve different demonstrations and demonstrates eight different forms of energy!

View the complete Energy Discovery Pack

Sound and Wave Discovery Pack

Get ready to hear Ooh's and Aah's when you supplement your lessons with these demonstration materials. This collection of hard to find noisemakers will help your students learn about sound and waves with their ears. The lesson ideas we've included correlate the demos to topics covered in typical units on waves and sound.

  • Super Springy
  • 2 Sound Pipes
  • Singing Rods
  • Space Phone
  • Set of Boomwhackers
  • Snaky Helical Spring
  • Doppler Ball
  • Standing Wave (1 out of this kit of 10)
  • Instructions and Lesson ideas

    • Science Toys Discovery Pack

      Classic and brand new toys that teach a wide range of science topics -- gas laws, energy, Newton's laws, waves, magnetism, fluids, and more!

      View the complete Science Toys Discovery Pack

      Magnetism Discovery Pack

      Investigate magnetic poles, magnetic field lines, and magnetic forces with this fun collection.

      • 1 pair Chrome Steel Bar Magnet
      • Horseshoe Magnet
      • Floating Magnets
      • Revolution
      • Magnetic Chips
      • Iron Filings Saver
      • Magnetic Field Viewer
      • Magnetic Globe
      • 3D Magnetic Compass
      • Clear Compasses 20-pkg.
      • Instructions and Lesson Ideas