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Electrochemistry and Chromatography Kit

Product # P6-2120

This product has been discontinued

Electrochemistry and Chromatography Kit

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Caltech scientists, working with local high school science teachers, have created a program called Juice from Juice that teaches concepts related to solar energy in the disciplines of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Engineering. The main experiment for Juice from Juice is building a dye-sensitized solar cell (link to that kit here). This supplemental kit expands upon the related chemistry and biology concepts of that kit with one activity on electrochemistry and one on chromatography. Students will be able to make their own galvanic cells, learning about reduction potentials, the electrochemical series, and how batteries work. The students can also use the technique of Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) to separate the pigments found in spinach leaves to see the different components involved in photosynthesis.

For a class of 30 in pairs (or slightly more with groups of 3). Pairs team up for a group of 6 to use multimeters. Multimeters and alligator clips come with the DSSC kit or can be purchased separately.

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20 Filter papers (Whatman, Grade 1)
15 Well plates (12 depressions)
Zn foil
Cu foil
Sn foil
Mg ribbon
25 g Copper (II) sulfate
25 g Magnesium sulfate
25 g Zinc sulfate
25 g Tin (II) chloride
1 graduated cylinder, 25 mL
15 Capillaries
15 rulers, 6-inch

20 Pipettes 2mL*
5 Digital multimeters*
10 Alligator clips*
500 mL Acetone
1 L Distilled water
1 Bag of spinach
1 Container of salt, NaCl
30 Clear plastic cups (15 per activity)
Scale accurate to 0.01g
*Included with Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell kit or can be purchased separately from Arbor Scientific

Download lesson plans below. Separated by grade level and discipline.
Grades 3-8 Biology Datasheet
Grades 3-8 Chemistry Datasheet
Highschool Biology Datasheet
Highschool Chemistry Datasheet
Spanish Biology Datasheet
Spanish Chemistry Datasheet

Download chemical safety MSDS 37pg PDF document.

Additional resources provided by Caltech

Reinventing The Leaf Scientific American
Power Plants Scientific American
General Chem PDF
Photoelectrochem intro PDF
All about electrochem website

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