High School Equipment List

Is your school brand new and needs to equip a physics lab from scratch? Do you have a lab or classroom that's woefully empty of science projects, equipment, and fun? Well you've come to the right place!

Download our handy equipment list to quickly figure out what you need for your classroom - it has all the tools, toys, and equipment to get you started.

The top of the sheet is prepopulated based on equipment needed for 6 lab groups. Simply change it to the number of lab groups you need equipment for and the list is automatically updated, giving you a quick and easy quote for stocking your physics lab!

Delete items you don’t want to order. Products are organized according to their subject, and include product numbers that are hyperlinked to the product's web page and full description.

Download the High School Physics Lab Equipment List (xls 86KB)

When you're ready to order, simply fax us your spreadsheet or email it to mail@arborsci.com. We accept purchase orders from qualified schools and educational institutions.