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  1. Lever Lab

    Lever Lab

    Experiment at two levels with the innovative Lever! Attach the center pivot to the Workshop Stand and use Hooked Masses to create equal torques on each end and establish equilibrium. Learn More

    Product # P4-1600

  2. Pocket Scale

    Pocket Scale

    This durable, portable, and compact digital pocket scale is ideal where lab work involves weighing small items up to 1,000 grams. Learn More

    Product # 02-7500

  3. Sound Level Sensor

    Sound Level Sensor

    Ideal for monitoring and recording sound levels in or out of the lab. It's compact, lightweight, and features a large LCD screen with dual reading displays. Includes sensor, windscreen, four batteries, and user manual. Learn More

    Product # P7-7700

  4. Eudiometer Tube 100ml

    Eudiometer Tube 100ml

    Measure the volume of gas produced or consumed in a chemical reaction. Two platinum electrodes are sealed into the closed end of the glass tube to allow for applying an electric current. Graduated to 100ml with subdivisions at 0.2ml. Learn More

    Product # 33-0700

  5. Distillation Apparatus 500ml

    Distillation Apparatus 500ml

    For batch production of high purity water, phenol, etc. by distillation. Set includes a round bottom 500ml borosilicate flask, 200mm Graham type coil condenser with stop joint: 19/38, 250ml receiving flask, 2 clamps, cast iron base 8" x 5" (200 x 125mm) with plated steel rod. Learn More

    Product # C6-1000

  6. Conductivity Tester

    Conductivity Tester

    An easy to use tool for comparing the conductivity of different solutions, acids or salts. Simply place the probes in your solution and press the button to view results. Learn More

    Product # C8-0100

  7. Spectrophotometer


    The large screen graphic LCD is easy to read and quickly gives accurate readings in absorbance, transmittance, factor, and concentration. Features automatic zeroing, one-touch blanking, and built-in automatic filters for easy operation. Learn More

    Product # C8-1000

  8. Nesting Beakers Set of 8

    Nesting Beakers Set of 8

    Nesting Beakers, Polypropylene, 30ml - 1000mL, Set of 8 Learn More

    Product # 06-3050

  9. 1000ml Borosilicate Beaker 6/pk

    1000ml Borosilicate Beaker 6/pk

    Beaker Griffin - Borosilicate Glass Low Form Graduated, Heavy, Even Wall Thickness. Learn More

    Product # 06-3009


  10. Spectrum Analysis Group

    Spectrum Analysis Group

    Gas Spectrum analysis tubes. The complete Spectrum Tube Set comes 14 different gas spectrum tubes. Learn More

    Starting at: $25.00

  11. Infrared Laser Thermometer

    Infrared Laser Thermometer

    Our Laser Guided Infrared Thermometer helps you get accurate pinpoint measurements of solid surfaces. Learn More

    Product # 68-6510


  12. Best Fit Line Ruler

    Best Fit Line Ruler

    Determine the line of best fit on a scatter graph quickly and confidently. Lay the ruler over your graph and the grid will help you get as many points as possible closest to the central slot. Slide your pencil along the groove and there’s your best fit line. Learn More

    Product # 01-5000

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Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 69

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