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  1. Galvanometer -500-0-500 MicroAmp uA

    Galvanometer -500-0-500 MicroAmp uA

    Measure very small amounts of current supplied by your voltaic cell or magnetic induction experiment. Learn More

    Product # P4-1208

  2. Electronic Spark Timer

    Electronic Spark Timer

    Measures motion clearly and accurately. This fully electronic spark timer provides two different spark timing rates. Measuring just 90 x 97 x 37 mm, it lends itself perfectly to both bench-top and support-mounted experiments. Learn More

    Product # P1-8000

  3. Student Thermometer

    Student Thermometer

    A general purpose red alcohol thermometer with anti-roll sleeve. -20 to +110C (1 deg division), 305mm length. Learn More

    Product # 68-6202

  4. Trundle Wheel

    Trundle Wheel

    This trundle wheel makes it easy to measure long distances. The wheel's circumference is 1 meter and every revolution produces an audible click. Learn More

    Product # 01-8019

  5. Economy Digital Balance

    Economy Digital Balance

    Easy to operate, accurate, economical, and portable, this may be the perfect digital balance. Max capacity 2500g, min capacity 2 g, graduation 0.5 g, platter dimensions 6"W x 4.75"D, housing dimensions 6.75"W x 6"D. Learn More

    Product # 02-7000

  6. Adam Digital Balance

    Electronic Digital Balances Group

    Economy, ease, and speed give these electronic balances the advantage over mechanical scales. The spill-resistant construction, low cost, and a full-year warranty make this an indispensable addition to your science program. Learn More

    Starting at: $155.00

  7. Velocity Radar Gun

    Velocity Radar Gun

    Check that speed just like the pros! With the Velocity Radar Gun accurate velocity readings are now as easy as "point and shoot". Learn More

    Product # P4-2130

  8. BeeSpi V Photogate Timer

    BeeSpi V Photogate Timer

    Compact, battery powered photogate is ready in one step! Two parallel photogates detect, measure, and display speeds of any objects that pass through, from zero to 99.99 km/h. Learn More

    Product # P4-1490

  9. Hooked Mass Set

    Hooked Mass Set

    Hooked masses in a storage block. Includes one each of 10g, 50g, 100g, 500g, and 1000g, and two each of 20g and 200g. Learn More

    Product # P1-1000

  10. Plastic Back Thermometer

    Plastic Back Thermometer

    This 6 inch x 1 inch plastic backed thermometer Learn More

    Product # 01-9557

  11. 50g Mass Hanger

    50g Mass Hanger

    50g Mass Hanger for use with our Slotted Mass Set P1-1073. Learn More

    Product # P1-1074


    This product has been discontinued

  12. Slotted Mass Set w/ hanger

    Slotted Mass Set w/ hanger

    Easily portable and quick to put away this slotted weight set is supplied on a stand with a handle. Learn More

    Product # P1-1073

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