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  1. RSpec-Explorer


    Digitally capture an individual spectrum, and then compare it to a series of known spectra! The included camera and software make this an easy and inexpensive solution to studying quantitative spectral data in the classroom. Learn More

    Product # P2-9505

  2. PocketLab Voyager

    PocketLab Voyager

    All in one wireless sensor streams to your smart phone or tablet. Learn More

    Product # P4-1000


  3. Timer and Photogates

    Timer and Photogates

    Digital Timer & photogates. No computer required for this simple, intuitive data collection device. Complete set includes Timer, two photogates with cords, AC adaptor, user's manual, and hard carrying case. Learn More

    Product # P4-1450

  4. Go! Motion Sensor

    Go! Motion Sensor

    The new Go! Motion is easy to use, allowing students to focus on learning scientific concepts instead of setting up the lab. See data graphed in real time! Learn More

    Product # P4-2400


  5. BeeSpi V Photogate Timer

    BeeSpi V Photogate Timer

    Compact, battery powered photogate is ready in one step! Two parallel photogates detect, measure, and display speeds of any objects that pass through, from zero to 99.99 km/h. Learn More

    Product # P4-1490

  6. g Ball

    g Ball

    Want to help your students to really wrap their minds around how falling objects behave? Then the g Ball is exactly what you're looking for. It gives students a hands-on way to better understand the difficult concept of acceleration due to gravity. Learn More

    Product # P4-4000

  7. Sound Level Sensor

    Sound Level Sensor

    Ideal for monitoring and recording sound levels in or out of the lab. It's compact, lightweight, and features a large LCD screen with dual reading displays. Includes sensor, windscreen, four batteries, and user manual. Learn More

    Product # P7-7700

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