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  1. Adam Digital Balance - CQT 5000

    Adam Digital Balance - CQT 5000

    This balance has a 5000 gram capacity with 1 gram resolution. 9 different weighing units, backlit display and weighing hook make this great for many applications. AC adapter included. 2-year warranty. Learn More

    Product # 02-7073


  2. Pocket Oscilloscope

    Pocket Oscilloscope

    The Pocket Oscilloscope allows observation of constantly varying signal voltages. It's compact, easy to operate, and meets the basic demands of typical school lab work. It's a storage oscilloscope, so it also allows single events to be captured and displayed, and allows observation of events too fast to be directly perceptible to the human eye. Learn More

    Product # P6-1100

  3. Best Fit Line Ruler

    Best Fit Line Ruler

    Determine the line of best fit on a scatter graph quickly and confidently. Lay the ruler over your graph and the grid will help you get as many points as possible closest to the central slot. Slide your pencil along the groove and there’s your best fit line. Learn More

    Product # 01-5000

  4. Neulog Anemometer Sensor NUL-242

    Neulog Anemometer Sensor NUL-242

    This Anemometer sensor measures wind velocity. Learn More

    Product # NL-2420


  5. Neulog GPS Sensor NUL-243

    Neulog GPS Sensor NUL-243

    The NeuLog GPS position logger sensor determines its latitude, longitude, altitude and horizontal velocity anywhere on earth Learn More

    Product # NL-2430


  6. Neulog Dew Point Sensor NUL-245

    Neulog Dew Point Sensor NUL-245

    This sensor measures temperature and humidity in a volume and gives the temperature below which the water vapor in that volume of air (at a constant barometric pressure) condenses into liquid water (the dew point). Learn More

    Product # NL-2450


  7. Neulog Charge Sensor NUL-246

    Neulog Charge Sensor NUL-246

    This sensor measures electrostatic charges. It can be seen as a highly sensitive electroscope indicating whether a charge is positive or negative. Learn More

    Product # NL-2460


  8. Pocket Scale

    Pocket Scale

    This durable, portable, and compact digital pocket scale is ideal where lab work involves weighing small items up to 1,000 grams. Learn More

    Product # 02-7500

  9. Sound Level Sensor

    Sound Level Sensor

    Ideal for monitoring and recording sound levels in or out of the lab. It's compact, lightweight, and features a large LCD screen with dual reading displays. Includes sensor, windscreen, four batteries, and user manual. Learn More

    Product # P7-7700

  10. Aspirator


    Strong plastic aspirator for vacuum filtration and other lab applications. Designed to prevent any flooding, back-flow, or turbulence. Learn More

    Product # 06-0200

  11. Beaker Tongs

    Beaker Tongs

    For handling beakers from 50 to 2000ml capacity. Made of nickelplated steel wire. Maximum jaw opening 15cm. Learn More

    Product # 33-0670

  12. Crucible Triangle 50cm

    Crucible Triangle 50cm

    For supporting crucibles and dishes when heating on gas burner, etc. With pipe stems on wire triangles. Side Length: 2" (50mm). Learn More

    Product # 06-0050

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Items 49-60 of 319

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