Mini-Stak-a-Cab Flammables Cabinet

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Arbor Scientific



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Designed for stacking or as a stand–alone unit. Safe organization of laboratory chemicals. Constructed of 1” multi-ply exterior-grade plywood. The cabinet floor is a 2” liquid tight trough and meets the OSHA secondary containment requirement.


Provides the same great benefits as the regular-sized flammable cabinets, but takes up less space. Ensure safety and provide storage for your flammable or combustible liquids. Individual cabinet is designed for stacking or as a stand-alone unit. Body constructed of 1" multi-ply exterior-grade plywood. Floor constructed as a 2" liquid-tight trough to contain spills. Bright yellow finish for immediate identification. 1 adjustable shelf. Includes internal lock. Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA and NFPA standards for flammable liquids storage. UL listed. Dimensions: 31"W x 17"H x 14-1/2"D.

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