Torsional Pendulum

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An engaging investigation of simple harmonic motion! Observe the periods of oscillation and investigate the effects of changes in rotational inertia and the spring constant.

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The Torsional Pendulum, also known as a horizontal pendulum, has many applications in mechanical devices and scientific experimentations. Its governing principles form the basis of simple harmonic motion, and the formulas that describe this motion underlie a branch of study in physics education. For this type of pendulum, the force that governs the harmonic motion is provided by a torsional wire that acts as a spring. The period of oscillations is dependent on the wire's spring constant (k) and the pendulum’s rotational inertia (I). Simply change the torsional wire to change the spring constant or move the mass on the rods to change the rotational inertia. Qualitative observations are a breeze, and students can easily see the dramatic effects of their adjustments. This apparatus also lends itself for the measurement of angular displacement with the included pulley.

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What’s Included

  • Pendulum hub
  • 2 Threaded rods
  • 2 Masses
  • Pulley
  • Upper support clamp with bearing
  • 2 Torsional spring wires
  • Allen wrench
  • Pulley string
  • Instructional Guide

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