Unit V Electricity and Magnetism Kit

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Conceptual Physics lab activities kits for UNIT V Electricity and Magnetism

Conceptual Physics lab activities kits Complete Course Bundle

A message from Paul Hewitt, author of Conceptual Physics:

Students learn in a variety of ways. They learn best when they DO, not just listen or read, in keeping with the adage, "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand!" When we are physically active with physical equipment relevant to the concepts to be learned, we simply learn better to nobody's surprise!
Good Energy with your activities!
Paul G. Hewitt

This Electricity and Magnetism Unit contains a collection of Arbor Scientific's discovery-based teaching tools designed to supplement the concepts in Prentice Hall's Conceptual Physics Textbook and Lab Manual. The attached Teaching Guides were created specifically for use with many of your new tools and can be used along with the demonstration items to fuel your students' desire to explore.

Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Labratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.


What’s Included

Product #Product
P2-7105Plasma Globe (3") and Data Sheet
P6-6052 Electromagnetic Flashlight
P6-1120 Series/Parallel Bulb Board and Data Sheet
P6-1156Flask Type Electroscope and Data Sheet
P6-1600 Friction Rod Kit and Data Sheet
P6-2300Energy Ball and Data Sheet
P6-2631Genecon Generator
P6-3400Hand Crank van De Graaff Generator and Data Sheet
P6-8012One Farad Capacitor and Data Sheet
P8-1123Pair of Neodymium Magnets and Data Sheet
P8-1125Pair of Steel Bar Magnets
P8-1128Horseshoe Magnet
P8-1130Magnetic Globe and Data Sheet
P8-1140Magnetic Chips
P8-1170Pack of 20 Clear Compasses
P8-8400 Lenz's Law Apparatus and Data Sheet