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  1. Economy Student Microscope

    Economy Student Microscope

    The Economy Student Microscope needs only available outdoor light or minimal room light. This eliminates the need for lamps, cords and mirrors. Learn More

    Product # C1-4000

  2. Snap Circuits Jr.

    Snap Circuits Jr.

    The Snap Circuits Jr. Set gives your budding engineers 30 color-coded parts with which to create over 100 of their own projects. Learn More

    Product # P6-1550

  3. Solar Energy Science Kit

    Solar Energy Science Kit

    Use this simple apparatus to design an experiment to test the usefulness of solar energy cars in your climate! Kit includes 0.5V, 500mA photovoltaic cell, motor, and diffraction foil disk. Learn More

    Product # P6-7000

  4. Grow Snow Classroom Kit

    Grow Snow Classroom Kit

    With input from teachers across the country, the Grow Snow Classroom Kit has been developed as a tool for introducing students to chemical reactions, polymer science and the environmental benefits of super absorbents. Learn More

    Product # C1-3129

  5. Crystal Growing Kit

    Crystal Growing Kit

    Observe how crystals grow from solution and how they acquire their symmetrical shapes and sparkling surfaces. Each Classroom Kit contains 30 sets of pre-mixed crystal growing chemical (5 each of 6 types) and 48-page teacher's manual. Learn More

    Product # C1-3150

  6. Balancing Bird 6 inch

    Balancing Bird 6 inch

    Show students how deceiving an object's center of mass can be. Spin it on the end of your finger to demonstrate rotational motion, or discuss movement in two systems by moving your hand through the air to add translational motion. Size 6" wingspan. Includes stand! NOTE: When balancing, wings may or may not be level. Learn More

    Product # P3-5002

  7. Adventures in Fiber Optics Kit

    Adventures in Fiber Optics Kit

    With the Adventures in Fiber Optics Kit, students learn by doing. The kit contains 25 different experiments, plus 5 unique projects. Each activity contains step-by-step instructions and explanations. Optical fiber and fiber optic cables are used as a means to contain and transmit light over short or long distances. Learn More

    Product # P2-5200

  8. Vortex Tube

    Vortex Tube

    Turn two plastic soda bottles into an exciting hydraulic "toy" with the Vortex Tube. Great for studying tornadoes and vortex effects. Learn More

    Product # P1-1120

  9. Power House Clean Energy Experiment Kit

    Power House Clean Energy Experiment Kit

    This product has been replaced. See related powerhouse Learn More

    Product # P6-6010

    This product has been discontinued

  10. UV Detection Kit

    UV Detection Kit

    UV - Ultraviolet Light - Detection Kit contains our cool UV meter combined with our very popular color change UV beads. Be prepared when spending time outdoors and have fun doing it! Learn More

    Product # P3-6520

  11. Build-it-Yourself Solar LED Flashlight Kit

    Build-it-Yourself Solar LED Flashlight Kit

    Using a super-bright 1 watt LED and a flexible thin-film solar panel, you can build a flashlight inside a recycled 1 liter soda bottle! Learn More

    Product # P6-7250

    This product has been discontinued

  12. Portable Micro Burner

    Portable Micro Burner

    The Portable Micro Burner works anywhere! Just open the butane valve and push the ignition button for an adjustable, clean-burning flame. Learn More

    Product # C5-1005

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