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  1. Fun Fly Stick Science Kit

    Fun Fly Stick Science Kit

    See the inner workings of a mini Van de Graaff with the new transparent Fun Fly Stick! Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Learn More

    Product # 11-0051

  2. Revolution


    This Revolution's magnetically levitating axle spins in a state of near-perpetual motion, with just a gentle spin from your fingers Learn More

    Product # P3-6050

  3. Hand Crank Generators Group

    Hand Crank Generators Group

    All the accessories for use with the our Hand Crank Generators. Our best selling electricity teaching tools! Learn More

    Starting at: $19.95

  4. Neulog Voltage Sensor

    Neulog Voltage Sensor

    The Voltage sensor measures voltages ±20 V with 1% accuracy. Learn More

    Product # NL-2010


  5. Neulog Light Sensor

    Neulog Light Sensor

    This sensor is very versatile with applications in many areas of the natural sciences. It can be used to study photosynthesis in Biology, to study light-emitting chemical reactions in Chemistry, to study the effect of changing voltage on a light-bulb's output in Physics and more. Learn More

    Product # NL-2040


  6. Neulog Oxygen Sensor

    Neulog Oxygen Sensor

    The Oxygen Sensor can be used to make measurements of the level of free-oxygen in air or dissolved oxygen in water. Learn More

    Product # NL-2050


  7. Neulog pH Sensor

    Neulog pH Sensor

    The pH Sensor can be used to measure the static pH values of common liquids (water, milk, soft drinks, vinegar, etc.) as well as the changing values in titrations or experiments such as those looking at the effect of antacids. Learn More

    Product # NL-2060


  8. Neulog Pulse Sensor

    Neulog Pulse Sensor

    This Heart rate & Pulse sensor can be used to monitor and compare pulse rates under various exercise and rest conditions and to compare the “normal' and "after exercise" pulse rates. Learn More

    Product # NL-2080


  9. Neulog Photogate Sensor

    Neulog Photogate Sensor

    This sensor can be used to study various kinds of motion. With four modes of operation, time, velocity or acceleration can be measured with one or two photo gates and associated timing cards, as well as showing pictorially the status (digital 1 or 0) of the voltage output of the photo gate as timing cards pass through it. Learn More

    Product # NL-2090


  10. Neulog Pressure Sensor

    Neulog Pressure Sensor

    This sensor can be used to monitor chemical reactions that involve gases and to investigate both Boyle's Law and the Gay-lussac's Law for ideal gases. It can also prove useful in studies of weather phenomena. Learn More

    Product # NL-2100


  11. Neulog Sound Sensor

    Neulog Sound Sensor

    This sensor has two modes of operation. In slow mode it can be used to measure Sound-pressure level in decibels. In fast mode it can be used to compare different sources of sound, their waveforms can also be displayed. Learn More

    Product # NL-2120


  12. Neulog Motion Sensor

    Neulog Motion Sensor

    This sensor uses an ultrasonic transducer to transmit an ultrasonic wave and measure the time of the echo return. In this way, the sensor measures the distance to an article located against it. Learn More

    Product # NL-2130


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