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  1. Mini Ripple Tank

    Mini Ripple Tank

    See new Mini ripple tank product id# PA-8638 Learn More

    Product # PA-8640

    This product has been discontinued

  2. Super Springy

    Super Springy

    This extra-long version of the familiar and always popular spring toy provides an excellent demonstration of wave theory. Measuring 75mm in diameter, with a length of 160mm (6.25in), the Super Springy stretches to 10 meters. Learn More

    Product # 33-0130

  3. Helical Spring

    Helical Spring

    2cm diameter, 180cm long (collapsed) helical spring. "Snaky" is ideal for demonstrating fundamentals of wave theory, including transverse and longitudinal waves and wave behavior at the interface of two media. Learn More

    Product # 33-0140

  4. Constant Velocity Car (Carts)

    Constant Velocity Car (Carts)

    This simple but powerful toy provides a visible source of uniform speed. Students can easily quantify and graph their results, starting them on the road to a conceptual understanding of motion. Requires 2 C batteries, not included. Learn More

    Product # 44-1090

  5. Student Electrolysis Apparatus

    Student Electrolysis Apparatus

    Use this Electrolysis Apparatus and a hand crank generator to separate water into its component gases. Learn More

    Product # C6-0440

  6. Spectroscope Light Source Adaptor

    Spectroscope Light Source Adaptor

    For use with our Quantitative Spectroscope. Light Source Adapter and Light Sources make it easier than ever to see bright-line emission spectra and unveil the atomic origin of light. Learn More

    Product # P2-7062

  7. Plasma Globe 7 inch

    Plasma Globe 7 inch

    Safely create and explore lightning right in your classroom. The Plasma Globe offers you a safe, fascinating way to demonstrate how lightning works as well as explain the concepts of potential differences and electron orbital jumping. Learn More

    Product # P2-7110

  8. Atmospheric Mat

    Atmospheric Mat

    A simple design that demonstrates a powerful concept: atmospheric pressure! Place this rubber mat on any flat surface and pull on the handle. It's like the mat is glued down! Learn More

    Product # P1-2010

  9. Electric Whirl

    Electric Whirl

    When brought near the dome of the Van de Graaff generator, the whirl discharges to the air and spins rapidly in a direction that is away from the points. Learn More

    Product # P6-3340

  10. Fan Cart

    Fan Cart

    Even Sir Issac Newton would have been a fan of the Fan Cart! The Fan Cart is perfect for exploring Newton's laws of motion, inertia, acceleration, and action-reaction. Learn More

    Product # P4-1986

  11. Astro Blaster

    Astro Blaster

    The Astro Blaster lets you dramatically demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Momentum to almost any age level. Drop it on a hard surface, then stand back as the top ball bounces to heights up to 5 times the original drop! Learn More

    Product # P1-5000


  12. Newtonian Demonstrator - Newton's Cradle

    Newtonian Demonstrator - Newton's Cradle

    Newton's Cradle dramatizes Newton's Third Law, which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Use to illustrate that momentum and kinetic energy are conserved. Learn More

    Product # P1-6001

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