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  1. Color Filter Paddle Set

    Color Filter Paddle Set

    Use the Primary Mixing Colors Red, Blue & Green, the Secondary Colors Cyan, Yellow & Magenta for experiments involving additive and subtractive color, color mixing, color transmission, absorption and filtering of different wavelengths of light. Learn More

    Product # P2-9425

  2. 400ml Wide Neck Erlenmeyer Flask Mug

    400ml Wide Neck Erlenmeyer Flask Mug

    Erlenmeyer coffee mug! These glass drinking mugs look just like their lab counterparts but they include a handle so that your favorite beverages can be enjoyed and analyzed in them. Learn More

    Product # C5-2030

  3. Airzooka Air Cannon

    Airzooka Air Cannon

    This amazing new vortex launcher sends a strong blast of air all the way across the room! Learn More

    Product # P8-5700

  4. Hand Boiler

    Hand Boiler

    This energy transformation is sure to capture your students' attention! Hold the glass vessel in your hand, and your body heat causes the liquid inside to boil and shoot into the top bulb! Assorted colors and styles. Learn More

    Product # P3-5005

  5. Dynamic Celt

    Dynamic Celt

    This enhanced version of our favorite ancient toy has an adjustable bar that lets students vary the mass distribution for their own investigations. Learn More

    Product # P2-2140

    This product has been discontinued

  6. Drinking Bird

    Drinking Bird

    Known as the Drinking Bird, Drinking/Dunking Bird, Drinking Happy Bird or even a Dippy Bird. Whatever you call this loveable little drinking bird toy it is back and disguised as a great physics demonstration of heat and thermodynamics. Learn More

    Product # P3-5001

  7. 3 inch balancing bird set of 2 (varied colors)

    3 inch Balancing Bird Set of 2

    A smaller version of our popular Balancing Bird product and comes as a set of two birds. Learn More

    Product # P3-5000

  8. Grow Snow Classroom Kit

    Grow Snow Classroom Kit

    With input from teachers across the country, the Grow Snow Classroom Kit has been developed as a tool for introducing students to chemical reactions, polymer science and the environmental benefits of super absorbents. Learn More

    Product # C1-3129

  9. Mystery Stick

    Mystery Stick

    A mysterious folk toy with some complex physics in it. Scrape the groove on the mystery stick, and the propeller turns. Learn More

    Product # P2-2200

  10. Mini Plasma Globe

    Mini Plasma Globe

    Safely create and explore lightning right in your classroom. The Plasma Globe offers you a safe, fascinating way to demonstrate how lightning works as well as explain the concepts of potential differences and electron orbital jumping. Learn More

    Product # P2-7105

  11. Rainbow Window

    Rainbow Window

    The Rainbow Window transforms light into an explosion of color! Pinwheel-shaped diffraction gratings split the light into its component colors, splashing walls, ceilings, and floors with the color spectrum. Learn More

    Product # P3-6480

  12. Power Ball Gyroscope

    Power Ball Gyroscope

    The Power Ball Gyroscope is a great way to investigate angular momentum, angular velocity, and the significance of torque. With this gadget, students can really feel these concepts, making them easier to comprehend! Learn More

    Product # P4-3500

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