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Cool Tools

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  1. Giant Drinking Bird

    Giant Drinking Bird

    Always a favorite for demonstrating the laws of thermodynamics, the drinking bird has evolved into a true work of art. Made of hand-blown glass, you'll be proud to display it in your classroom, office, or home. Learn More

    Product # P3-5014

  2. Smart Phone with lens attached

    Cell Phone Magnifier 15X

    Turn your phone into a hand-held 15X zoom microscope with the Cell Phone Magnifier! Analyze the veins of a leaf or discover the make-up of specific colors on printed documents Learn More

    Product # P2-1240

  3. i-H2Go


    i-H2GO runs on hydrogen fuel cells, fueled up using a real-working hydrogen station. And It's controlled using your Android or iOS Smartphone! Learn More

    Product # P6-2030


    This product has been discontinued

  4. Galileoscope Kit

    Galileoscope Kit

    The Galileoscope Kit is a low cost, high optical quality telescope developed by a team of leading astronomers, optical engineers and science educators. This kit is designed to let students learn how telescopes work and recreate Galileo's historic observations. Learn More

    Product # 11-0020

  5. Discrepant Events Kit

    Discrepant Events Kit

    12 Amazing Demonstrations that Reveal the Magic of Science! Award-winning physics teacher Buzz Putnam shares his secrets to grabbing students' attention and making them think! Learn More

    Product # P6-6025

  6. SpillNot


    Solve the Problem of Spilled Drinks with Physics! The SpillNot is a genius gadget that will let you carry an open beverage without spilling it. With a little bit of practice, spin a cup of liquid around in a circle without even losing a drop. Learn More

    Product # P4-2500

  7. Rheoscopic Fluid

    Rheoscopic Fluid

    Dramatically demonstrate convection, aerodynamic flow, fluid dynamics, or ocean and river current formation. Learn More

    Product # P3-1100

  8. Energy Stick

    Energy Stick

    Make a human chain of electricity! Invite four, five....or 20 of your friends to join hands and form a circle. As long as everyone is making contact, the Energy Stick will flash and buzz. Learn More

    Product # P6-2400

  9. 400ml Caffeine Beaker Mug

    400ml Caffeine Beaker Mug

    Chemistry caffeine! These glass drinking mugs look just like their lab counterparts but they include a handle so that your favorite beverages can be enjoyed and analyzed in them. Learn More

    Product # C5-2020

  10. Einstein Alive

    Einstein Alive

    Shine a light at the back of this mask and look at the concave side. It appears to reverse, as if Einstein is looking at you! Move back and forth, and he turns to follow you. A fascinating study in how the brain interprets patterns of light! Learn More

    Product # P2-6000

  11. Lumin Disk

    Lumin Disk

    Imagine using super bright plasma technology combined with miniature electronics to create a flat panel disk with not only an amazing display of light, but which will also respond to your touch and dance to music. Learn More

    Product # P2-7113


    This product has been discontinued

  12. Science Toys Discovery Pack

    Science Toys Discovery Pack

    A complete set of all our favorite science toys. Classic and brand new toys that teach a wide range of science topics.

    Learn More

    Product # P8-9015

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