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Electricity & Magnetism

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  1. Hand Crank Generators Group

    Hand Crank Generators Group

    All the accessories for use with the our Hand Crank Generators. Our best selling electricity teaching tools! Learn More

    Starting at: $19.95

  2. Hand Crank Van de Graaff Generator

    Hand Crank Van de Graaff Generator

    Now you can demonstrate all of the classic Van de Graaff experiments for less! Our new hand-crank model can develop potentials of up to 200 kV and produce a spark 80mm long. Learn More

    Product # P6-3400

  3. Deluxe Van De Graaff Generator Group

    Deluxe Van De Graaff Generator Group

    Arbor Scientific's complete line of powered Van De Graaff Generators and accessories Learn More

    Starting at: $43.50

  4. Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb Demo

    Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb Demo

    Using the "Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb Demo", you will demonstrate to your students the relationship between electricity and magnetism in an amazing and unconventional way, using a light bulb under conditions not normally observed in everyday life. Learn More

    Product # P6-4000

  5. Ferrofluid 50mL

    Ferrofluid 50mL

    A 50mL bulk bottle of ferrofluid is available for experimentation. Learn More

    Product # P8-4100


  6. Fun Fly Stick

    Fun Fly Stick

    Fun Fly Stick is a must have electrostatics experiment that is as easy to demonstrate as it is fun. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Learn More

    Product # 11-0058

  7. Demonstration Electroscope

    Demonstration Electroscope

    This aluminum needle-based electroscope's design makes it superior to traditional leaf-style electroscopes in part because the needle stays put when experiments are being performed. Learn More

    Product # P6-1170

  8. Magnaprobe


    Explore magnetic fields with a 3-dimensional compass! This gimbal-mounted bar magnet is an easily manipulated, high-sensitivity indicator for studying three-dimensional magnetic force fields. Learn More

    Product # P8-8006

  9. Ferrofluid Display Cell

    Ferrofluid Display Cell

    This Display Cell is a sealed glass bottle that contains ferrofluid in a suspension liquid. Strong magnet is included. Learn More

    Product # P8-4000


  10. Plasma Globe 7 inch

    Plasma Globe 7 inch

    Safely create and explore lightning right in your classroom. The Plasma Globe offers you a safe, fascinating way to demonstrate how lightning works as well as explain the concepts of potential differences and electron orbital jumping. Learn More

    Product # P2-7110

  11. Tesla Coil

    Tesla Coil

    The Hand Held Tesla Coil - 50,000 volts in the palm of your hand. If you've seen a Plasma Globe, you've seen our Hand Held Tesla Coil in action. Create impressive 3-inch sparks and more. Learn More

    Product # P6-3550


  12. Levitating Globe

    Levitating Globe

    The 3.375 inch Levitating globe is the ULTIMATE conversation piece and a must-have for home or office. Learn More

    Product # P8-3201

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Items 1-12 of 137

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