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Electricity & Magnetism

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  1. Hand Crank Generators Group

    Hand Crank Generators Group

    All the accessories for use with the our Hand Crank Generators. Our best selling electricity teaching tools! Learn More

    Starting at: $19.95

  2. Circuit Board 2

    Circuit Board 2

    This circuit board 2 is a simple preconfigured board that is a basic electricity lab on a board. Learn More

    Product # P6-8014


  3. Diamagnetic Levitron

    Diamagnetic Levitator

    The Diamagnetic Levitator is a thrilling new product that helps to display the method of magnetic suspension without the use of control devices, electromagnets, moving parts or materials requiring sub-freezing temperatures. Small scale models which levitate diamagnetic materials in place and hover around haven’t existed for the classroom, until now! Learn More

    Product # P8-1025


  4. Hand Crank Van de Graaff Generator

    Hand Crank Van de Graaff Generator

    Now you can demonstrate all of the classic Van de Graaff experiments for less! Our new hand-crank model can develop potentials of up to 200 kV and produce a spark 80mm long. Learn More

    Product # P6-3400

  5. 3D Magnetic Observation Box

    3D Magnetic Observation Box

    This self-contained device reveals the proper, three-dimensional nature of magnetic lines of force. The sealed acrylic box contains iron filings suspended in a silicone oil solution. Learn More

    Product # P8-1180


  6. Deluxe Van De Graaff Generator Group

    Deluxe Van De Graaff Generator Group

    Arbor Scientific's complete line of powered Van De Graaff Generators and accessories Learn More

    Starting at: $45.00

  7. Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb Demo

    Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb Demo

    Using the "Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb Demo", you will demonstrate to your students the relationship between electricity and magnetism in an amazing and unconventional way, using a light bulb under conditions not normally observed in everyday life. Learn More

    Product # P6-4000

  8. Magnaprobe


    Explore magnetic fields with a 3-dimensional compass! This gimbal-mounted bar magnet is an easily manipulated, high-sensitivity indicator for studying three-dimensional magnetic force fields. Learn More

    Product # P8-8006

  9. Ferrofluid 50mL

    Ferrofluid 50mL

    A 50mL bulk bottle of ferrofluid is available for experimentation. Learn More

    Product # P8-4100


  10. Fun Fly Stick

    Fun Fly Stick

    Fun Fly Stick is a must have electrostatics experiment that is as easy to demonstrate as it is fun. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Learn More

    Product # 11-0058

  11. Demonstration Electroscope

    Demonstration Electroscope

    This aluminum needle-based electroscope's design makes it superior to traditional leaf-style electroscopes in part because the needle stays put when experiments are being performed. Learn More

    Product # P6-1170

  12. Ferrofluid Display Cell

    Ferrofluid Display Cell

    This Display Cell is a sealed glass bottle that contains ferrofluid in a suspension liquid. Strong magnet is included. Learn More

    Product # P8-4000


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