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Magnetism & Magnets

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  1. Ferrofluid Display Cell

    Ferrofluid Display Cell

    This Display Cell is a sealed glass bottle that contains ferrofluid in a suspension liquid. Strong magnet is included. Learn More

    Product # P8-4000


  2. e/m Apparatus

    e/m Apparatus in Light-Shielding Enclosure

    Compact, all-in-one apparatus in light-tight enclosure to study the motion of electrons under the influence of electric and magnetic fields and determine their charge-to-mass ratio. Learn More

    Product # P6-3000

  3. Diamagnetic Levitator

    Diamagnetic Levitator

    The Diamagnetic Levitator is a thrilling new product that helps to display the method of magnetic suspension without the use of control devices, electromagnets, moving parts or materials requiring sub-freezing temperatures. Small scale models which levitate diamagnetic materials in place and hover around haven’t existed for the classroom, until now! Learn More

    Product # P8-1025


  4. 3D Magnetic Field Observation Box

    3D Magnetic Field Observation Box

    This self-contained device reveals the proper, three-dimensional nature of magnetic lines of force. The sealed acrylic box contains iron filings suspended in a silicone oil solution. Learn More

    Product # P8-1180


  5. Magnaprobe


    Explore magnetic fields with a 3-dimensional compass! This gimbal-mounted bar magnet is an easily manipulated, high-sensitivity indicator for studying three-dimensional magnetic force fields. Learn More

    Product # P8-8006

  6. Ferrofluid 50mL

    Ferrofluid 50mL

    A 50mL bulk bottle of ferrofluid is available for experimentation. Learn More

    Product # P8-4100


  7. Magnetism Discovery Pack

    Magnetism Discovery Pack

    Investigate magnetic poles, magnetic field lines, and magnetic forces with this fun collection. Learn More

    Product # P8-9025


  8. Magnetic Field Model

    Magnetic Field Model

    Visualize magnetic fields in an instant! The magnetic field model is one of the quickest and easiest ways to demonstrate invisible magnetic fields to your students. Learn More

    Product # P8-1138

  9. Magnetic Globe

    Magnetic Globe

    Simulate the Earth's magnetic field by using staples, magnetic chips, or a Magnaprobe with the Magnetic Globe. Learn More

    Product # P8-1130

  10. Pair of Neodymium Magnets

    Pair of Neodymium Magnets

    These neodymium-iron-boron magnets are, for their size, the most powerful magnets on earth! Each 1/2" in diameter, 1/4" thick. Learn More

    Product # P8-1123

  11. Magnetic Field Observation Window Kit

    Magnetic Field Observation Window Kit

    Your days of cleaning up iron filing messes are over! The Magnetic Field Observation Window Kit provides a clean & quick way to visualize magnetic fields. A must have for any magnetism lesson. Learn More

    Product # P8-1000

  12. Iron Filings Saver

    Iron Filings Saver

    Here's a great way to collect, contain and store iron filings or magnetic chips. Learn More

    Product # P8-1145

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