Electricity & Magnetism

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  1. Complete Genecon Experiment Set

    Complete Genecon Experiment Set

    This comprehensive Genecon Experiment Set comes with everything you need to take your students from basic electrical theory all the way through to practical considerations. Designed for middle or high school, and easy to adapt for other levels. Learn More

    Product # P6-2635

  2. Discover Electricity and Magnetism Teachers Guide

    Discover Electricity and Magnetism Teachers Guide

    Hands-on electricity course for grades 4-9, complete with teacher explanations and student activities and worksheets, for use with the Discover Electricity & Magnetism Kit. Learn More

    Product # P6-2240


  3. Electricity and Magnetism Discovery Pack

    Electricity and Magnetism Discovery Pack

    Understand the important relationship between electricity and magnetism -- and how one can produce the other -- with this collection of equipment and activities. Learn More

    Product # P6-2500

  4. Magnetic Globe

    Magnetic Globe

    Simulate the Earth's magnetic field by using staples, magnetic chips, or a 3D Magnetic Compass with the Magnetic Globe. Learn More

    Product # P8-1130

  5. Electrical Current and Field Kit

    Electrical Current and Field Kit

    This kit allows students to repeat Hans Oersted's classic demonstration that a magnetic field is created around a wire carrying an electrical current. Learn More

    Product # P8-8008

  6. Electric Swing Apparatus

    Electric Swing Apparatus

    Study the interaction between a current-carrying wire and a constant magnetic field with the Electric Swing Apparatus. Learn More

    Product # P8-8009

  7. ElectroMagnet


    With this electromagnet, your students can more easily visualize the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Learn More

    Product # P8-8100

  8. Magnetism Discovery Pack

    Magnetism Discovery Pack

    Investigate magnetic poles, magnetic field lines, and magnetic forces with this fun collection. Learn More

    Product # P8-9025


  9. Voltaic Cell with Electrodes

    Voltaic Cell with Electrodes

    The voltaic cell is ideal for demonstrating the characteristics of a primary cell. The clear plastic cup allows you to easily view the electro-chemical reactions taking place. Learn More

    Product # P6-2605

  10. Neon Wand

    Neon Wand

    Watch as the charged dome of a Van de Graaff generator lights the wand! Learn More

    Product # P6-3360

  11. Levitron


    "The best new science toy in a generation..." The Levitron floats in mid-air by harnessing the lifting power of two opposed permanent magnets, and thanks to the Starter (which Arbor Scientific throws in absolutely FREE), it's even easier to use. Learn More

    Product # P8-3000

  12. Friction Rod Kit

    Friction Rod Kit

    Explore charging by friction, positive and negative charge, and attraction and repulsion with the friction rod kit. Includes glass and hard rubber rod, silk and fur pads, bubble wrap, glass rod mounted on pivot needle, and complete instructions. Learn More

    Product # P6-1600

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