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  1. Coin and Feather Demo

    Coin and Feather Demo

    The classic experiment of a lighter object falling at the same rate as a heavier object when resistance is removed from the equation. Learn More

    Product # P1-5200

  2. Hand-Held Vacuum Pump

    Hand-Held Vacuum Pump

    Hand-Held Vacuum Pump Learn More

    Product # P1-5201

  3. Electric Vacuum Pump

    Electric Vacuum Pump

    High quality, efficient vacuum pump produces less noise and vibration, while using less energy. Special design protects the environment and provides clean filtered oil to the pump while it also can prevent oil spray and oil flowing back into the system. Learn More

    Product # P7-6502

  4. Vacuum Pumper Classroom Set

    Vacuum Pumper Classroom Set

    Set includes 6 Vacuum Pumpers, 6 Vacuum Chambers, 6 Temperature Strips, and activity sheets. Learn More

    Product # P1-2160

  5. Vacuum Pumper and Chamber

    Vacuum Pumper and Chamber

    With this affordable hand vacuum pump and chamber set students can test the effects of reduced pressure on many different objects, such as marshmallows, balloons, and water. Learn More

    Product # P1-2140

List Grid

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)

per page