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Heat & Thermodynamics

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  1. Ball and Ring Apparatus

    Ball and Ring Apparatus

    This brass ball fits easily through the matching ring when they are both at room temperature. Heat the ball in a flame, and experience the results of thermal expansion. Learn More

    Product # 33-0630

  2. Pascal's Demonstrator

    Pascal's Demonstrator

    Fill the syringe with water, push the plunger, and watch the water shoot out of every hole equally, even those in the back of the bulb! Dramatic and memorable demonstration of Pascal's principle! Learn More

    Product # P1-2190

  3. Hand Boiler

    Hand Boiler

    This energy transformation is sure to capture your students' attention! Hold the glass vessel in your hand, and your body heat causes the liquid inside to boil and shoot into the top bulb! Assorted colors and styles. Learn More

    Product # P3-5005

  4. Galileos Thermometer Fahrenheit

    Galileos Thermometer Fahrenheit

    Our Galileo's Thermometer is a great attention getter when discussing topics on pressure and fluids or the gas laws. Learn More

    Product # P3-5006

  5. Drinking Bird

    Drinking Bird

    Known as the Drinking Bird, Drinking/Dunking Bird, Drinking Happy Bird or even a Dippy Bird. Whatever you call this loveable little drinking bird toy it is back and disguised as a great physics demonstration of heat and thermodynamics. Learn More

    Product # P3-5001

  6. Energy Discovery Pack

    Energy Discovery Pack

    Understanding types of energy and energy transformation is crucial to meeting teaching standards. This pack includes twelve different demonstrations of eight different forms of energy! Learn More

    Product # P6-6060

  7. Supercooled Lab Demo Group

    Supercooled Lab Demo Group

    This fascinating hands-on experiment utilizes a patented 4" x 4" pouch of supercooled sodium acetate to visually demonstrate crystallization and the subsequent release of latent heat. Learn More

    Starting at: $8.00

  8. Compound Bar Set

    Compound Bar Set

    Now take your thermal expansion labs a step further with our set of four different compound bars or bimetallic strips. Learn More

    Product # P6-7080

  9. Gas Laws and Pressure Discovery Pack

    Gas Laws and Pressure Discovery Pack

    Don't just teach the gas laws. Let students deduce them with these exploratory activities! Learn More

    Product # P1-2070

  10. Thermal Conductivity Bars

    Thermal Conductivity Bars

    Study heat conductivity in different metals. Observe the temperature gradients along the metal bars, and watch them evolve. Rate of conduction of heat can be measured by the mounted strip thermometers. Learn More

    Product # P6-7090

  11. Pressure Pumper Kit

    Pressure Pumper Kit

    Kit includes 15 Pressure Pumpers, 15 Temperature Strips, and three activity sheets. Bottle not included. Learn More

    Product # P1-2060

  12. Liquid Crystal Sheet

    Liquid Crystal Sheet

    Studying heat and thermodynamics has never been this fun! Place your hand on this liquid crystal sheet and, as the temperature increases, watch the sheet change color from black to red, red to green, green to blue, and to black again! Changes color between 77-86 F (25-30 C). 6" x 6" Learn More

    Product # P1-2100

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Set Descending Direction

Items 25-36 of 65

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