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  1. Unit V Electricity and Magnetism

    Unit V Electricity and Magnetism

    Conceptual Physics lab activities kits for UNIT V Electricity and Magnetism ISBN #0133669386 Learn More

    Product # PX-0500

  2. Complete 3-D Glasses Activity Kit

    Complete 3-D Glasses Activity Kit

    A complete kit includes 15 pairs of 3-D glasses, a diskette with computer graphics and animation (Windows only), and an explanation and instructions for making your own images. Learn More

    Product # P3-6100-01

  3. Diffraction Grating Glasses Class Set

    Diffraction Grating Glasses Class Set

    Get all three of our Diffraction Grating Glasses in one affordably priced, convenient set. You'll get 15 Rainbow Glasses, 15 3-D Glasses, 15 HoloSpex Glasses with a light string, and activities. Learn More

    Product # P3-6400

  4. Weather - States of Matter and Volcanoes Kit

    Weather - States of Matter and Volcanoes Kit

    Weather, states of matter or volcanoes; kits are a breeze with Young Scientists Set #2! Become a meteorologist, chemist, and volcanologist all with one kit. Learn More

    Product # 11-0063


    This product has been discontinued

  5. Sun-Art Paper Kit

    Sun-Art Paper Kit

    Just add sunshine and water and see what develops on our Sun Art Paper! Use natural or man-made objects to make beautiful and unique SunArt sun prints with solar energy. Learn More

    Product # 11-0073


  6. 6 In 1 Solar Kit

    6 In 1 Solar Kit

    The 6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit teaches kids the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is great fun. An excellent beginner building kit designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. Learn More

    Product # 11-0083


  7. CHEM C1000 Chemistry Kit

    CHEM C1000 Chemistry Kit

    An ideal starter chemistry set for ages 10 and up. 125 experiments in a 80-page experiment manual, explore everything from acids and bases to electro-chemical reactions in action-packed, hands-on experiments. Learn More

    Product # C1-6000

  8. Electrostatics Demo Components Group

    Electrostatics Demo Components Group

    Explore charging by friction, positive and negative charge, and attraction and repulsion. Glass and hard rubber rods, silk and fur pads, bubble wrap, wool cloth and plastic strip available. Learn More

    Starting at: $2.50

  9. Magnetism

    Discovery Packs Group

    See all 8 of our Discovery Packs! Learn More

    Starting at: $99.00

  10. Power House

    Power House

    The Power House provides an engaging introduction to alternative energy sources while demonstrating basic concepts and principles of physical science. Learn More

    Product # P6-6014

  11. Wind Turbine Kit

    Wind Turbine Kit

    This wind Turbine Kit is a miniature real-working wind turbine (wind power generator) designed for students to evaluate the pitch (setting angle) of the profiled blades. Learn how the number and pitch of blades affect the power output of the wind turbine. Learn More

    Product # P6-7500


  12. Alternative Energy Conversion Kit

    Alternative Energy Conversion Kit

    Students experiment with this alternative energy kit to discover for themselves how energy exists in many forms and how society can benefit from harnessing natural resources and making them into usable energy. Learn More

    Product # P6-2080

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Items 1-12 of 92

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