Light & Optics

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  1. Laser Ray Box and Lenses

    Laser Ray Box and Lenses

    Complete Optics Set uses 1, 3, or 5 Laser Beams! The most complete, economical optics kit you'll find! Learn More

    Product # P2-7680

  2. Sunset Egg

    Sunset Egg

    Explain why the sky is blue during the day but yellow at sunset! Amaze your students with this glass egg that acts like a little piece of the sky. Learn More

    Product # P2-1000


  3. Willemite, Quartz Demo Kit

    Willemite, Quartz Demo Kit

    A New Way to Explore Properties of Light Willemite is a fluorescent metamorphic rock with the unusual property of fluorescing only in the short wave UV. Learn More

    Product # P3-6700


  4. UVC Lamp

    UVC Lamp

    Portable UVC light source runs on 4 AA batteries. Learn More

    Product # P3-6550


  5. HeNe Modulated Laser

    HeNe Modulated Laser

    Our unique 0.8mW HeNe red laser is encased in acrylic so your students can see the laser's hard-sealed plasma tube, power supply and voice transmission circuitry in action. Learn More

    Product # P2-7256


  6. RSpec-Explorer


    Digitally capture an individual spectrum, and then compare it to a series of known spectra! The included camera and software make this an easy and inexpensive solution to studying quantitative spectral data in the classroom. Learn More

    Product # P2-9505

  7. Laser Pointers Group

    Laser Pointers Group

    Explore our full Range of Blue-Violet, Green, and Red Laser Pointers. Learn More

    Starting at: $21.00

  8. Mega Convex and Concave Mirrors Group

    Mega Convex and Concave Mirrors Group

    These extra-large parabolic mirrors make dramatic demonstrations of optical principles a snap. Each aluminized mirror measures 24" in diameter and is supplied with an aluminum frame, mounting bracket, and base. Learn More

    Starting at: $159.00

  9. Mirage


    This deceptively simple device creates three-dimensional real images with startling clarity. It's ideal for a wide range of experiments illustrating the difference between reality and sensory perception. Learn More

    Product # P2-7070

  10. Primary Color Light Sticks

    Primary Color Light Sticks

    Demonstrate refraction, reflection, color, and color mixing with these low cost and easy to use light sticks. Learn More

    Product # P2-8100

  11. Prisms Group

    Prisms Group

    Glass and Acrylic Prism options including hollow and solid, Equilateral and Right Angle. Learn More

    Starting at: $6.30

  12. Spectrum Analysis Group

    Spectrum Analysis Group

    Gas Spectrum analysis tubes. The complete Spectrum Tube Set comes 14 different gas spectrum tubes. Learn More

    Starting at: $25.00

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