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  1. Laser Pointers Group

    Laser Pointers Group

    Explore our full Range of Blue-Violet, Green, and Red Laser Pointers. Learn More

    Starting at: $21.00

  2. Custom Red Laser Pointer, Black

    Custom Red Laser Pointer, Black

    This handy 650nM red laser makes it a fine addition to a class on a strict budget. Includes 2 AAA batteries, warranty and storage case. Learn More

    Product # P2-7301

  3. HeNe Modulated Laser

    HeNe Modulated Laser

    Our unique 0.8mW HeNe red laser is encased in acrylic so your students can see the laser's hard-sealed plasma tube, power supply and voice transmission circuitry in action. Learn More

    Product # P2-7256


  4. Laser Voice Transmission Package

    Laser Voice Transmission Package

    Wow your students with a spellbinding demonstration of the "sound of light." When used with the a modulated laser, our voice transmission package lets you transmit sound via light waves. Learn More

    Product # P2-7025

  5. Violet Laser Pointer

    Violet Laser Pointer

    Violet, the newest laser pointer color, has a stunning blue-purple glow at 401nm and is used in spectroscopy, fluorescence, microscopy, and more! Learn More

    Product # P2-7678

  6. Deluxe Green Laser Pointer

    Deluxe Green Laser Pointer

    With a range of 2 miles the Deluxe Green Laser Pointer has the highest output power allowed by the FDA! 532 nm green laser pointer includes two AAA batteries.

    Learn More

    Product # P2-7675

  7. Standard Red Laser Pointer

    Standard Red Laser Pointer

    This powerful laser emits a beam at a frequency of 650nM up to 500 yds away. Laser comes with a hard storage case, lifetime manufacturer's warranty and 2 AAA batteries. Learn More

    Product # P2-7500

  8. Laser Tripod

    Laser Tripod

    Clip-on stand makes hands-free laser use a snap! The tripod comes with a mount that will hold down the 'on' button of our laser pointers. The angle is fully adjustable. Use the Velcro® strap to attach it to a ring stand or solid object. Learn More

    Product # P2-7670

  9. Dual Red-Green Laser

    Dual Red-Green Laser

    Great for demonstrating wavelengths, refraction, and diffraction, this handy laser features parallel red and green beams that can be projected individually or together. Learn More

    Product # P2-7679

  10. Laser Pattern Generator

    Laser Pattern Generator

    With our Laser Pattern Generator, you can use any laser to effortlessly create laser light shows, demonstrate the control of laser beams with motors and mirrors, and even produce Lissajous patterns. Learn More

    Product # P2-7210

  11. Fog in a Can

    Fog in a Can

    This chemical fog scatters laser light without the mess of chalk dust. Non-flammable and non-toxic. 8 oz. spray can. Learn More

    Product # P2-7750

  12. Laser Pointer Education Kit

    Laser Pointer Education Kit

    The Laser Pointer Education Kit helps you use an inexpensive laser pointer to teach the important concepts of light, color, and waves. Kit includes filters, lenses, mirrors, solar cell, experiment manual, and laser pointer. Learn More

    Product # P2-7205

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