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  1. Kinetic Energy Kit

    Converting Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy Kit

    This kit introduces students to the concepts of kinetic and gravitational potential energy and the conversion of one form of energy into another. Learn More

    Product # P6-7930


  2. Inertial Balance Set

    Inertial Balance Set

    The Inertial Balance helps students grasp the difference between mass and weight by letting them determine the inertial mass of an object directly, without the complications caused by the effects of gravity. Learn More

    Product # P4-1051

  3. Exploring Newton's First Law: Inertia Kit

    Exploring Newton's First Law: Inertia Kit

    Students investigate inertia by observing a marble's motion around a specially designed circular track Learn More

    Product # P6-7900


  4. Deluxe Trundle Wheel

    Deluxe Trundle Wheel

    The deluxe Trundle Wheel is essential to large-scale outdoor labs, by making long distances easy to measure. Learn More

    Product # 01-8020

  5. Air-Powered Projectile

    Air-Powered Projectile

    Explore projectile motion with this 100% safe, chemical-free air-powered projectile. Flies straight and true with minimal wind effect and with a consistent, repeatable initial velocity - important for students testing predictions. Learn More

    Product # P4-2200

  6. Trundle Wheel

    Trundle Wheel

    This trundle wheel makes it easy to measure long distances. The wheel's circumference is 1 meter and every revolution produces an audible click. Learn More

    Product # 01-8019

  7. Trebuchet Classroom Set

    Trebuchet Classroom Set

    This classroom set of our P4-1960 Trebuchet provides enough materials and trebuchet models for up to 12 student groups. Learn More

    Product # P4-1961

  8. Loop the Loop

    Loop the Loop

    A simple demonstration of Conservation of Energy as a ball travels down a track in a loop without leaving the track. Show that the ball will not have enough energy to complete the loop if its initial height is too low. Learn More

    Product # P4-2010

  9. Force Table

    Force Table

    Study the equilibrium of force with this superbly-designed, highly-functional table. Precision pulleys, force rings, weights and instructions included. A must-have to study vector physics! Learn More

    Product # P3-3537

  10. Electronic Spark Timer

    Electronic Spark Timer

    Measures motion clearly and accurately. This fully electronic spark timer provides two different spark timing rates. Measuring just 90 x 97 x 37 mm, it lends itself perfectly to both bench-top and support-mounted experiments. Learn More

    Product # P1-8000

  11. Trebuchet


    Easy-to-assemble kit provides hands-on, practical building experience while fueling imagination with history. Desktop Trebuchet provides a fun and exciting environment for studying energy conservation, levers, trajectories, inertia, forces, and more! Learn More

    Product # P4-1960

  12. Horizontal Projectile Ramp with Ball

    Horizontal Projectile Ramp with Ball

    Achieve consistent, predictable results with this marble projectile ramp. We placed a convenient opening at the end of the ramp with a metal plate for attachment, so you can attach any photogate to the end and measure the marble's initial velocity. Learn More

    Product # P2-8490

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