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  1. Racing Marbles Lab

    Racing Marbles Lab

    This discrepant event will challenge students' understanding of instantaneous and average velocity and conservation of energy. Which marble will reach the end first? Which will have the highest ending velocity? Learn More

    Product # P4-1370

  2. Gravity Lab

    Gravity Lab

    Students can measure the acceleration due to gravity in three different ways with these two simple pieces. Achieve increasing levels of accuracy by measuring acceleration with a stopwatch, photogate, or motion sensor. Learn More

    Product # P4-1380

  3. Springs Set

    Springs Set

    Verify Hooke's Law with this 5 spring set with easy-to-read adjustable position indicators. Learn More

    Product # P3-3605

  4. Newton's Apple

    Newton's Apple

    Sir Isaac Newton was inspired by the fall of an apple when he developed his theory of gravity. Your students can perform their own gravity and motion experiments with Newton's Apple! Learn More

    Product # P1-1019

  5. Pulleys Group

    Pulleys Group

    A variety of durable, low-friction pulleys with rigid aluminum sheaves, deep V-grooves and heavy aluminum frames. Learn More

    Starting at: $6.00

  6. Stunt Car Lab

    Stunt Car Lab

    Exciting indoor projectile investigation with this complete lab, inspired by the movie Speed. Calculate the bus's landing spot, and then test it! Complete lessons, originally developed by teachers at Cornell University, are included. Learn More

    Product # P4-1340

  7. Economy Air Track

    Economy Air Track

    The Economy Air Track is an economy air track that compares favorably to 2.0m air tracks. The steel precision air track not only comes with an air source and accessories but also includes data-logger and photogates! Learn More

    Product # P4-2710

  8. Inertia Apparatus

    Inertia Apparatus

    Do you know what will happen when the spring is released? Test students' understanding of inertia and Newton's First Law in a memorable way! Learn More

    Product # P3-3524

  9. Four Sided Friction Block

    Four Sided Friction Block

    Our 4-sided Friction Block makes friction experiments quick and easy. Surfaces include paper, wood, sandpaper and vinyl. Threaded brass post allows for easy addition of slotted masses. Learn More

    Product # P3-3608

  10. Neulog Rotary motion Sensor NUL-226

    Neulog Rotary motion Sensor NUL-226

    This sensor measures angles, rotation speeds or rotation acceleration Learn More

    Product # NL-2260


  11. Neulog Acceleration Sensor NUL-227

    Neulog Acceleration Sensor NUL-227

    This logger sensor includes a 3D (three dimensions) acceleration sensor. Learn More

    Product # NL-2270


  12. No-Stretch Pulley String, 25 meters

    No-Stretch Pulley String, 25 meters

    25 meters of durable string designed to be used with our pulleys. Learn More

    Product # P1-6110

List Grid

Set Descending Direction

Items 37-48 of 106

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