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  1. Tuning Forks Group

    Tuning Forks Group

    Our precision-tooled aluminum forks won't rust or tarnish, so they'll last for years. You can choose from the forks listed, or order the complete set of eight. 256Hz Note C, 288Hz Note D, 320Hz Note E, 341.3Hz Note F, 384Hz Note G, 426.7Hz Note A, 480Hz N Learn More

    Starting at: $8.25

  2. Pendulum Wave

    Pendulum Wave

    Captivate your students using the Pendulum Wave, which consists of a series of pendula with increasing time periods. When the nine pendula are simultaneously released, they produce the effect of a wave. Assembly required. Learn More

    Product # P4-1750

  3. Mini Ripple Tank

    Mini Ripple Tank

    The Mini Ripple Tank provides a simple and effective method to investigate the properties of waves. The tank has settings that allow you to adjust the wave frequency and the frequency of the strobe light showing a broad range of wave patterns. Learn More

    Product # PA-8638

  4. Spring Wave

    Spring Wave

    Use this highly visible Spring Wave to observe phase reversal at the fixed end of wave pulses and to test fundamental and multiple vibrations. Experiment with determining the speed of propagation of transverse and longitudinal waves. expands 20in to 12ft Learn More

    Product # P7-7220

  5. Sound Wave Interference Kit

    Sound Wave Interference Kit

    Now you can get a complete economical solution for demonstrating wave interefernce on a classroom size scale. Kit includes signal generator and powered speakers, everything you need for this great demonstration. Learn More

    Product # P7-7600

  6. Standing Wave Kit (10pk)

    Standing Wave Kit (10pk)

    Perfect for middle school and high school students, this kit includes all the materials you need to make 10 standing wave demonstrations. Instructions include qualitative and quantitative experiment ideas. Learn More

    Product # P6-7700

  7. Set of 8 Boomwhackers

    Set of 8 Boomwhackers

    Demonstrate open- and closed-piped resonance with these colorful tubes. When whacked against the floor or your knee, each tube produces a clear tone. Students can even play songs! Learn More

    Product # P7-7400

  8. Super Springy

    Super Springy

    This extra-long version of the familiar and always popular spring toy provides an excellent demonstration of wave theory. Measuring 75mm in diameter, with a length of 160mm (6.25in), the Super Springy stretches to 10 meters. Learn More

    Product # 33-0130

  9. Doppler Ball

    Doppler Ball

    This foam ball has a battery-powered buzzer inside. Start the buzzer and play catch. Throw it fast enough, and students can hear the frequency shift! Learn More

    Product # P7-7120

  10. Sound Pipe

    Sound Pipe

    Twirling the pipe at different speeds produces up to five different resonant tones. It's a great addition to your resonance demonstration collection. Learn More

    Product # P7-7200

  11. Music Box Mechanism

    Music Box Mechanism

    Turn your whole chalkboard into a speaker! This music box mechanism is quiet on its own, but just hold it against a large object (table, chalkboard, window, paper cone, drum) and hear a dramatic increase in volume! Learn More

    Product # P7-7330

  12. Talkie Tapes class set of 30 tapes

    Talkie Tapes class set of 30 tapes

    Attach this simple plastic strip to any object, like a cup or a balloon, rub it with your thumbnail and hear it talk! Tiny bumps on the tape cause vibrations that mimic a human voice saying, "Science is Fun!" Pack of 30. Learn More

    Product # P7-7320

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