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Waves & Sound

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  1. Doppler Ball

    Doppler Ball

    This foam ball has a battery-powered buzzer inside. Start the buzzer and play catch. Throw it fast enough, and students can hear the frequency shift! Learn More

    Product # P7-7120

  2. Sound Level Sensor

    Sound Level Sensor

    Ideal for monitoring and recording sound levels in or out of the lab. It's compact, lightweight, and features a large LCD screen with dual reading displays. Includes sensor, windscreen, four batteries, and user manual. Learn More

    Product # P7-7700

  3. Groan Tube

    Groan Tube

    A simple, fun demonstration of resonance. Listen as the plug slides within the tube -- The pitch will rise as the resonant column of air gets shorter and fall as it gets longer. Learn More

    Product # P7-7160

    This product has been discontinued

  4. Mini Spring

    Mini Spring

    Super Springy's little brother, "Mini Spring," is 1.25 inches in diameter and comes in assorted colors. Learn More

    Product # 33-0120

  5. Space Phone

    Space Phone

    manufacturer has discontinued this product. Learn More

    Product # P7-7150

    This product has been discontinued

  6. Resonance Apparatus

    Resonance Apparatus

    This simple, yet effective demonstration gives students a deeper understanding of the concept of resonance, while showing them how to calculate the speed of sound using only a tuning fork and water. Learn More

    Product # P7-7450

  7. Digital Strobe Light

    Digital Strobe Light

    Strobes can "slow down" fast or periodic motions for observation and measurement. This powerful digital strobe light has a flash rate that is fully adjustable between 1.7 and 133 flashes per second. Learn More

    Product # P2-9010

  8. Low Frequency 100 Hz Tuning Fork

    Low Frequency 100 Hz Tuning Fork

    Low-frequency tuning forks vibrate so slowly that the motion is plainly visible to the human eye. Learn More

    Product # P7-5700

  9. Traveling Wave Demonstration

    Traveling Wave Demonstration

    Just place this device on your overhead projector, and the stretched spring's shadow creates a large sine wave. Turn the crank to cause the wave to travel along the wall. Learn More

    Product # P7-7300


    This product has been discontinued

  10. Ripple Tank

    Ripple Tank

    Ripple tank system consists of a ripple tank, power supply and accessories and allows for detailed observation of all aspects of actual moving waves. Includes Acrylic ripple tank, electric variable speed wave generator, barriers, reflectors and more. Learn More

    Product # PA-8637

    This product has been discontinued

  11. Sound Generator

    Sound Generator

    Resonance experiments like the classic adjustable-closed-pipe demo generally require the use of unreliable, difficult-to-use tuning forks. Now, with our battery-operated sound generator, you can demonstrate resonance and other sound phenomena easily. Learn More

    Product # P7-7050


    This product has been discontinued

  12. Neulog Sound Sensor NUL-212

    Neulog Sound Sensor NUL-212

    This sensor has two modes of operation. In slow mode it can be used to measure Sound-pressure level in decibels. In fast mode it can be used to compare different sources of sound, their waveforms can also be displayed. Learn More

    Product # NL-2120


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