Items required for many labs

This list of products is composed of items that are used repeatedly throughout the Conceptual Physics Lab Manual and should be ordered as needed based on the number of students or lab groups in your classroom.

Digital Stopwatch Timer

In Stock SKU: 52-3200

5" Dia. Support Ring with Clamp

In Stock SKU: 66-4150

Ring Stand Base with Rod

In Stock SKU: 66-4220

Student Thermometer

In Stock SKU: 68-6202

Safety Goggles

In Stock SKU: C5-1020

Hooked Mass Set

In Stock SKU: P1-1000

Meter Stick 6 pack

In Stock SKU: P1-7072

Roll of String

In Stock SKU: PX-2134

Clear Plastic Sheet 8 1/2" x 11"

In Stock SKU: PX-2078

Timer and Photogates

In Stock SKU: P4-1450

Collin Wassilak

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