Motors and Generators

Chapter 37 Lab #99:

Purpose: To observe the effects of electromagnetic induction.

Genecon Hand Crank Generator

In Stock SKU: P6-2631

Dual Ammeter/Voltmeter

In Stock SKU: P6-8020

Digital Stopwatch Timer

In Stock SKU: 52-3200

Steel Horseshoe Magnet with Keeper

In Stock SKU: P8-1128

Magnet Wire Spool (100 ft, 26 gauge)

In Stock SKU: P8-1190

1 Farad Capacitor

In Stock SKU: P6-8012

Alligator Leads (Pack of 10)

In Stock SKU: P4-3000

Digital Multimeter

In Stock SKU: P6-8017

Arbor Scientific

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