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Celts, somtimes known as or "Rattlebacks", are deceptively simple-looking pieces of molded acrylic polystyrene provides a fascinating demonstration of inertia and center of gravity.

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Celts are a must-have cool tools for any science classroom!

Celts are fun oval shaped objects that allow students to explore rotational inertia, center of gravity, point of contact, product of inertia, moment of inertia, and much more. Tap one end, and the Celt will mysteriously begin to spin. Spin the Celt clockwise, and it will reverse direction. The real fun comes when your students begin to search for an explanation to this surprising phenomenon.

A two pack of acrylic polystyrene celts which serve as a great inexpensive tool for labs or handouts for large groups of budding physics students. Length: 4 in.

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