Chemical Cabinet and Shelving Group

Our complete Chemical Cabinet and Shelving options.
Grouped product items
Product Name Price Quantity
Flammables Cabinet 4 Gal. Flammables Cabinet 4 Gal.
Item # C4-2000
Stak-a-Cab Flammables Cabinet   Stak-a-Cab Flammables Cabinet
Item # C4-4003
Chemical Shelving Unit    Chemical Shelving Unit
Item # C4-5000
Acid Cabinet Polypropolene Lined Acid Cabinet Polypropolene Lined
Item # C4-3000
Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Gray Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Gray
Item # C4-4010
Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Blue Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Blue
Item # C4-4012
Stak-a-Cab Corrosive Cabinet Stak-a-Cab Corrosive Cabinet
Item # C4-4001
Mini-Stak-a-Cab Flammables-Corrosive Combination Cabinet Mini-Stak-a-Cab Flammables-Corrosive Combination Cabinet
Item # C4-4052
Flammables Cabinet 30 Gal. Flammables Cabinet 30 Gal.
Item # C4-2001
Stak-a-Cab Corrosive-Flammable Combination Cabinet Stak-a-Cab Corrosive-Flammable Combination Cabinet
Item # C4-4004
Chemical Sheving Unit with Acid-Flammables Cabinet    Chemical Sheving Unit with Acid-Flammables Cabinet
Item # C4-5001
Corrosive Cabinet Bench  Corrosive Cabinet Bench
Item # C4-3001
Mini-Stak-a-Cab Flammables Cabinet       Mini-Stak-a-Cab Flammables Cabinet
Item # C4-4050
Mini-Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Yellow Mini-Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Yellow
Item # C4-4061
Stak-a Cab Base Cabinet  Stak-a Cab Base Cabinet
Item # C4-4002
Mini-Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Gray      Mini-Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Gray
Item # C4-4060
Flammables Cabinet 54 Gal. Flammables Cabinet 54 Gal.
Item # C4-2002
Stak-a-Cab Acid-Base Combination Cabinet Stak-a-Cab Acid-Base Combination Cabinet
Item # C4-4005
Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Yellow Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Yellow
Item # C4-4011
Stak-a-Cab Acid Cabinet Stak-a-Cab Acid Cabinet
Item # C4-4000
Mini-Stak-a-Cab Corrosive Cabinet     Mini-Stak-a-Cab Corrosive Cabinet
Item # C4-4051
Mini-Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Blue Mini-Stak-a-Cab Floor Stand Blue
Item # C4-4062
Our complete Chemical Cabinet and Shelving options.

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