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All the clamps needed, big and small to assemble any chemistry or physics experiment.
Grouped product items
Product Name Price Quantity
Hook Collar Hook Collar
Item #66-4225
  • Buy 50 for $5.85 each and save 10%
Knife-Edge Lever Clamp Knife-Edge Lever Clamp
Item #66-8420
  • Buy 50 for $4.95 each and save 10%
4" C-Clamp 4" C-Clamp
Item #PX-1209
Buret Clamp Buret Clamp
Item #66-8002
  • Buy 50 for $8.80 each and save 10%
Hoffman Tubing Clamp 10/pk Hoffman Tubing Clamp 10/pk
Item #66-8700
  • Buy 30 for $22.50 each and save 10%
Clamp Holder Clamp Holder
Item #66-8290
  • Buy 50 for $4.95 each and save 10%
Pendulum Clamp Pendulum Clamp
Item #P1-7139
  • Buy 30 for $18.90 each and save 10%

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Find the perfect clamp for all your chemistry and physics experiments here.

Hoffman Tubing Clamp 10 pack

Hoffman tubing clamp has an open jaw to inert flexible tubing up to 1/2 inch in diameter. Well constructed of nickel plated steel and uses a screw to compress the tubing. These are sold in packs of 10.

Clamp Holder

This sturdy clamp has thumb screws which makes it easy to tighten securely. The clamp can accept rods up to 1/2" in diameter.

Buret Clamp

Buret clamp for standard laboratory ring stand. Plastic coated spring loaded jaws.

Hook Collar

13mm hook collar is useful for hanging cords, masses, pulleys, balances etc. from a support or cross rod. Solid nickel plated collar with adjustable hook has a knurled screw which makes it easy to securely tighten.

Knife-Edge Lever Clamp

This fulcrum knife-edge lever clamp is 2" (50mm) in length and will fit a standard meter stick. It can be used to create a balance in order to study the principals of levers and torque etc. A weight can be suspended from its stirrup.

Pendulum Clamp

Sturdy pendulum clamp has an all steel bracket that allows for up to 3 pendulums to be suspended at one time without any wobbling. Each pendulum holder has its own knurled thumbscrew and locking device that holds each individual chord for easy adjustment without disturbing the other pendulums. The bracket is attached to a rod clamp that is tightened with a large knurled knob and opens up to 7/8" (22mm). Total length of this item is 10 3/4" (27cm).

4" C-Clamp

Securely clamp items together or to a table with this C-Clamp. It opens to a maximum of 4" and has a large handle to reduce hand fatigue. Made of malleable iron and heat treated for extra stiffness these C-Clamps are well constructed.