Chemical & Physical Properties

Explore thermal expansion, conservation of energy, and more with our variety of products. From the Ball and Ring Apparatus to the Supercooled Lab Demo, we've got what you need to teach Chemical & Physical Properties.

Arbor Scientific Ice Melting Blocks
Ice Melting Blocks


Arbor Scientific Ball and Ring Apparatus
Ball and Ring Apparatus


Arbor Scientific Assorted Density Block Set
Assorted Density Block Set


Arbor Scientific Density Identification Set
Density Identification Set


Arbor Scientific Compound Bar
Compound Bar


Arbor Scientific Thermal Conductivity Bars
Thermal Conductivity Bars


Arbor Scientific Supercooled Lab Demo
Supercooled Lab Demo


Arbor Scientific Density Rod Set
Density Rod Set


Arbor Scientific Aluminum Density Determination Set
Aluminum Density Determination Set


Arbor Scientific Crystal Growing Classroom Kit
Crystal Growing Classroom Kit