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All the accessories for use with the our Hand Crank Generators. Our best selling electricity teaching tools!

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Series / Parallel Bulb Board

Students can explore series and parallel circuits with one simple tool! No more wire nests! The five bulbs can be quickly arranged in series, parallel, or complex circuits, simply by adjusting the Bussbars. 5 mini bulbs included. 38cm x 13.5cm.

Ohms Law Experiment Kit

Demonstrate the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance using this kit and a Genecon as a power source. Students will gain a better understanding of Ohm's Law as they alter positions of clip leads along a nichrome wire and observe changes in the brightness of the attached bulb.

Electric Swing Apparatus

Study the interaction between a current-carrying wire and a constant magnetic field! The Electric Swing Apparatus, instrumental in promoting an understanding of Fleming's Rule and the production of alternating currents.

Thermoelectric Device

Heating or cooling with the turn of a crank! This fascinating accessory demonstrates the Peltier effect - the absorption or emission of heat energy when electrons move from one state to another across dissimilar semiconductor junctions. 

1 Farad Capacitor

With the Arbor Scientific 1 Farad Capacitor demonstration, students can study and understand electric potential, capacitance, and energy conversion. The Genecon's output can be stored temporarily in this unique miniature 1 farad capacitor, then tapped to perform various short-term tasks.


Simply add current via the Genecon to visually demonstrate the relationship between electricity and magnetism. With this electromagnet, your students can more easily visualize the relationship between electricity and magnetism. The large coils are perfect for applying the Right Hand Rule, so students can discover the direction of the magnetic field they cause.

Visual Electricity Demonstrator

Help students visualize the flow of electricity! Exclusively distributed by Arbor Scientific, the Visual Electricity Demonstrator displays current generated by the Genecon or by batteries to help your students better understand the dynamic nature of electric current. Bright, easy-to-see LEDs in the unit represent the flow of charged particles through the circuit as the Visual Electricity Demonstrator pulses to life. 

Electrical Current and Field Kit

Repeat Hans Oersted's classic demonstration This kit allows students to demonstrate that a magnetic field is created around a wire carrying an electrical current. 

Energy of a Photon Demonstrator

Electricity Energy Demonstrator - Dramatically prove that different colors contain different energy potential! Light emitting diodes, LEDs, convert the energy change of one electron into one light photon. With the Energy of a Photon Demonstrator, slowly increase the energy of the electrons by increasing the voltage across the LEDs and you will see that the red LED comes on at the lowest voltage, then the green, and finally the blue at the highest voltage.


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