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Measure the charge/mass ratio of the electron!

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Measure the charge/mass ratio of the electron!

How it works: The e/m Apparatus (with power supply) consists of a vacuum tube mounted inside a pair of Helmholtz Coils that provide a transverse magnetic field). An electron gun placed inside the tube points downward and generates a beam of electrons controlled by adjusting the Accelerating Voltage knob. The magnetic field inside the tube is controlled by adjusting the Coil Current knob. Electrons are bent into a circle in accordance with the Lorentz Force Law qv x B. This beam is made visible by placing a small quantity of helium gas at low pressure in the vacuum tube; the helium glows when struck by the electrons.

The ratio of charge over mass for an electron can be calculated using the diameter of the circular path, the current applied to the Helmholtz coils, and the voltage used to accelerate the electrons. The accelerating voltage can be varied from 100 to 500 VDC and the current varied from 0-3A DC to provide a wide variety of beam energies and deflection fields. The orbit diameter itself is measured on an internal glass scale that includes fluorescent marks for easy measurement. The mark glows when the beam strikes it, making it easy to determine the exact beam diameter. Accelerating voltage and deflection current values are displayed on three-digit panel meters that allow quick and precise measurements. The voltage and current power supplies are controlled by an on-board microprocessor to ensure stable, precise, and easily reproduced results. Comes completely assembled with the electron tube, Helmholtz coils, and integral current and voltage power supply and complete usage manual.

Key Features:

Measures charge/mass ratio of the electron
Internal computer voltage & current control
Power supplies in base of apparatus
Large Helmholtz coils for uniform magnetic field


Tube Diameter: 13 cm
Electron Gun: indirectly-heating cathode with accelerating anode
Helmholtz Coils:
Radius: 15 cm
Separation: 15 cm
Turns: 132 per coil
Magnetic Field: 7.8 mT/A
High Voltage: 100-500 Vdc adjustable with front panel control
Coil Current: 0-3 A adjustable with current regulated supply
Meters: two 3-digit LED panel meters
l x w x h: 30 x 40 x 38 cm (11.8 x 15.7 x 15 in)
User manual included

This device was formerly manufactured by Daedalon.

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