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Glass and Acrylic Prism options including hollow and solid, Equilateral and Right Angle.

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Prism Options

Prisms are a classic science teaching tool because of their excellent refractive properties. Equilateral prisms are the best for creating beautiful spectra. Right-angle prisms can demonstrate total internal reflection, neatly turn light beams 90 degrees (use two to build a periscope) or split a single laser beam into two!

Equilateral Glass Prism

Equilateral glass prism: 25mm x 75 mm

Right Angle Glass Prism

Right Angle glass prism: 32mm x 50 mm

Giant Prism

This is the biggest solid prism you'll find anywhere! 3" equilateral prism, 4" long. It makes bright rainbows from sunlight or artificial sources like an overhead projector. Demo ideas included.


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