Neulog Barometer Sensor NUL-221

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This sensor measures atmospheric barometric pressure.


This sensor measures atmospheric barometric pressure. This sensor has five common ranges for displaying atmospheric pressure:
kPa – Kilo Pascal
Atm – Atmospheres
in Hg – Inches of Mercury
mm Hg - Millimeter of Mercury

The fifth range is the altitude (in meters). The highest barometric pressure is on the sea level – when we go up, the pressure goes down.

Experiment Duration: 1 second to 31 days.
Range and operation modes with Resolution:
80-106 KPa - 0.1 KPa
0.80-1.00 Atm - 0.01 Atm
23.60-31.30 in Hg - 0.01 in Hg
–380-1950 m - 0.1 m
600-795 mm Hg - 0.7 mm Hg

Max Sample Rate (S/sec): 100
ADC resolution: 15 bit

Please note: A connection between your sensors and hardware is required. You can choose from the USB Module, WiFi Module, RF Module, or Display Module. A Battery Module is also required for any connection other then USB Module, which is powered through the cable. View the  Neulog Connection Interface Group  for accessories.

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