Nitinol Memory Wire

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This "memory wire" can be bent into any shape when cold and will spring back to its original form when dipped in hot water!

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This amazing Nitinol Memory Wire made from nickel-titanium alloy has a crystalline structure which gives it 'memory'. Bend it, then drop it into hot water and watch it return to its original shape! You can also retrain this wire by annealing it.

  • First, bend the wire into the desired shape.
  • Second, heat it to a dull red glow along the entire length.
  • And third, cool the wire by immersing it in water. If the wire is deformed after immersing it in water, you can return it to its newly-trained shape by dunking it into hot water!

How it works:

Nitinol (pronounced “night-in-all”) is an alloy metal made from Nickel (Ni) and Titanium (Ti). The "NOL" stands for the Naval Ordinance Laboratory, where it was discovered. Nitinol alloys exhibit a unique property called "shape memory." This is the ability to undergo deformation at one temperature, then recover the original, undeformed shape upon heating above the alloy's transformation temperature, which is about 70C.

Diameter: .5mm. Length: 1ft.

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