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Interactive Physics Simulation Software Group

Arbor Scientific



Create, run, and change experiments not possible or practical in the lab. Perhaps the most widely known educational physics simulator, Interactive Physics also includes a library of over 150 ready-to-run experiments.

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Computer animation brings physics theories to life!

  • Explore the physical world through

    fast paced
  • exciting simulation.
  • Visualize the abstract scientific concepts taught in the classroom.
  • Test hypothesis and investigate "what if" scenarios.
  • Learn school-to-career job skills with real-world motion tools.


    • Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10
    • 1 GB RAM minimum
    • 200 MB disk space
    • Sounds card for sound experiments

    Your students master science objectives by creating simulations in essential physics topics, including:

     1-D motion 2-D motion
    Collisions Conservation Laws
    Doppler effects Electrostatics
    Equilibrium Evaporation
    Frequency Friction
    Gears Gravitation
    Kinematics Kinetic Theory of Gas
    Machines Magnetics
    Momentum Newton's Law
    Oscillations Particle Dynamics
    Planar Motion Projectiles
    Pulley Systems Rockets
    Rotational Dynamics Sound Intensities
    Statics Waves
    Trig Functions Work and Energy

    With more than a million users and in 11 languages, Interactive Physics is breathing life into the world of physics!


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